Book Published

Sr. No. Name of Author Year Book Name ISBN Publication
1 Dr. Mahesh Chopde 2017-18 Company Law ISBN: 978-93-86232-34-2 Thakur Publication Pvt. Ltd.
2 Dr. Mahesh Chopde 2019-20 Business Statistics and Analytics for Decision Making ISBN : 978-93-89516-76-0 Thakur Publication Pvt. Ltd.
3 Dr. Mahesh Chopde 2019-20 Digital and Social Media Marketing ISBN: 978-93-90031-29-0 Thakur Publication Pvt. Ltd.
4 Dr. Mahesh Chopde 2019-20 Compensation and Benefits Management ISBN: 978-93-89294-93-4 Thakur Publication Pvt. Ltd.
5 Dr. Debashis Bhowmick 2019-20 A Textbook of Applied Physics ISBN: 978-93-84336-59-2 Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur (India)
6 Dr Indrani Das Sarma 2020-21 Textbook on Energy and Environment ISBN-978-93-84336-66-0 Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur (India)
7 Dr Gaurav Bhosekar 2020-21 Textbook on Energy and Environment ISBN 978-81-951772-1-9 Alliance & Co.
8 Dr Debashis Bhowmick 2020-21 Advanced Engineering Materials ISBN 978-93-84336-70-7 Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur (India)
9 Dr Indrani Das Sarma 2020-21 Applied Chemistry ISBN 978-93-84330-67-7 Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur (India)

Company Law by Dr. Mahesh Chopde

A Textbook of Applied Physics by Dr. Debashis Bhowmick

Book Chapter Published

Sr.No. Author Name Book Chapter Name Book Name Publisher ISBN National/International
1. Dr. Pradnya Borkar, The Replacement of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) in Industry Using Single Interface ThroughIoT Examining the impact of Deep Learning and IoT on MultiIndustry Applications IGI-Global Publisher of Timely Knowledge, Hershey, PA 17033, USA ISBN 9781799    875116 International
2. Ms.Monali Gulhane Oriented Approaches for Brain Computing and Human Behavior Computing Using Machine Learning Analysis of medical modalities for improved diagnosis in modern healthcare CRC Press book ISBN 9780367705367 International
3. Mr.Amar Kawale Rejection:Major Concern for a Cast Iron Foundry Advances in Interdisciplinary Research in Engineering and Business Management Springer ISBN 978-981-16-0037-1 International