Prof.  Mahadev Mahajan 150 150 Nisha

Prof.  Mahadev Mahajan

Authored a Book chapter titled ‘Cloud Based Examination hall Authentication System using Fingerprint Module in Springer’

Dr. Reena Thakur 150 150 Nisha

Dr. Reena Thakur

Awarded with Ph.D. in Computer Science &Engineering from Medicaps, Indore

Dr. Nisha Balani 150 150 Nisha

Dr. Nisha Balani

Awarded with Ph.D. in Computer Science &Engineering from DJSCE, Mumbai

Dr. Mona Mulchandani 150 150 Nisha

Dr. Mona Mulchandani

Awarded with Ph.D. in Computer Science &Engineering from Medicaps, Indore

Dr. Vandita T Shahu 150 150 Akshay

Dr. Vandita T Shahu

Assistant Professor `Oct-22 (ME):

  1. Submission of UGC project towards the program Dr. D S Kothari fellowship to newly recruited faculty members project name: integration of Forward Osmosis with solar desalination pond for recovery of dye waste water using novel helical module.
  2. Arranged an orientation session on research papers writing and study for the students and faculties of all the department
  3. Got two MoUs with NU Intelligence and edu Plus now for mechanical department.
  4. More technical and extensive MoUs with VNIT incubation centre and centre of excellence for institute.
  5. Discussion on consultancy project related to water treatment with an industry of importance.
Ms. Mona Mulchandani 150 150 Akshay

Ms. Mona Mulchandani

Assistant Professor (CSE): “Recent advances in material, manufacturing, and machine learning (RAMMML-22)”

Dr. Uma Thakur 150 150 Akshay

Dr. Uma Thakur

Assistant Professor (CSE):

  • DST Proposal- Deep Learning-based routing protocol for an efficient data transmission in 5G WSN communication
  • Dr. Kothari Proposal Dr. Uma Thakur: Design and Analysis of an enhanced Distributed routing protocol for wireless sensor network
Dr. Uma Patel Thakur 150 150 Akshay

Dr. Uma Patel Thakur

Assistant Professor (CSE): BOS members

Ms. Reena Thakur 150 150 Akshay

Ms. Reena Thakur

Assistant Professor (CSE): “A systematic study on revelation and examination of COVID-19 using radiology”

Mirza Qadir Baig, Reena Thakur,

Kalyani Bante 150 150 Akshay

Kalyani Bante

Assistant Professor (MBA):

  • Presented Research Paper in International Conference.