Code War


It Encouraged Students to

  • Give a healthy competitive spirit.
  • To improve their logical and technical thinking
  • To increase scope of learning, as question are out of

Syllabus academic learning

Flow of event as follows:

  1. The event started with by explaining the rules of competition by event incharge
  2. The event was conducted in three rounds ̣. System were allotted to
  3. First round is Bug Fixing in which they have to find the errors in code provided to them.
  4. Those who cleared the first round goes to second round which is the Blind Coding in which monitors are turned off .and then they have code.
  5. After this participants who qualified goes to final round which is a technical round.The final round head on 29 august 2022.
  6. In technical round we give them a problem statement and that have solve it within 40 minutes. Person how solves it first will declare the winner.
  7. The event is end with declaration of winner.