Five Day Workshop on Design and Development of GO-KART

Five day’s training workshop from 16th to 20th January 2020 on Go-Kart Design and Development was organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering of Jhulelal Institute of Technology in collaboration with Performance Motor works (PMW), Pune for students of Go Kart team. In this workshop students get hands on practice for design and development of Go-Kart. Total 20 students of Go Kart team participated in this training workshop. Mr. GauravHadavale, C.E.O. Performance Motor works (PMW), explains about the design process of the vehicle which is based on various engineering aspects such as Safety and Ergonomics, Market Availability, Cost of the Components.

He has explained how to design and develop Gokart and importance of Fuel system , Ignition system, Lubrication system and Cooling system. Go Karts can develop by using 4 stroke engine. Body development of kart can be done preventing it from environmental conditions and aero dynamic shape of body increases its speed.


Prof. Prakash Dhopte, HOD, Mechanical Engg. Congratulate the students and faculty members for their efforts. Prof. Rahul Waghmare, Co-ordinator of the event conducted the proceeding.

Shri.Mahesh Sadhwani Chairman SSCT; Shri.Pramod Pampatwar, Director Technical; Ms. Madhavi Wauragade, Director HR and Administration; Dr. Narendra Bawane; Principal, Dr. Debashish Bhowmick; Vice-Principal, JIT appreciate the staff for the success of the event.

A Guest Lecture on “Six Sigma Technology”

A guest lecture on “Six Sigma Technology” was organized for the students of Mechanical Engineering at V semester Class room, JIT on 21/08/19, 01 pm onwards. The resource person was Mr. Soubhik Dasgupta, Founder of SDG Centre of Excellence.


In this lecture, Mr. Soubhik Dasgupta introduces the term Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing in operations to student and how the industry is moving towards data and analytics. He further explains Six Sigma is a methodology that helps improve business processes by using statistical analysis. In order to achieve Six Sigma, organizational processes need to keep their defects to a maximum of 3.4 per million (99.99966%) opportunities. A Six Sigma defect can be defined as anything that is outside of client specifications. Its objective is to minimize the variability in business and manufacturing processes. One of the salient highlights is the ability to create focus on achieving quantifiable and measurable financial returns from any six sigma project.


Er. Bhushan Deshmukh, Co-ordinator Student activity conducted the proceeding.Er.  Ganesh Palatkar took efforts for successful organization of the program.




Report of Re-installation of the Mechanical Engineering Students Body (MECHTRIX)

Aug 31, 2018 a memorable day for the students of Mechanical Engineering, all the Mechanical Engineering department staff and over 120 students of Mechanical Engineering were gathered in the Auditorium. Well before the arrival of guest for the opening ceremony MECHTRIX. Students were busy preparing for this special occasion. Some of them had taken off from their studies to volunteer their time to make this a successful event. And a success it was. This was a culmination of hard work and tenacity of the core committee led by the faculty coordinators and HOD to lead the effort.

After confirming the arrival of Guests at about 11:00 AM, Prof. Bhushan Deshmukh opened the event by welcoming and thanking those who graced with their presence. Mr. Prasad Khedkar Director, Khedkar and Associates Consulting Pvt. Ltd., was the chief guest for the function. Shri Promod Pampatwar, Technicasl Director,JIT, Dr. Narendra Bawne , Principal JIT, Dr. Deboshih Bhomik Vice-Principal, Prof. M W. Shirbhate  graced the occasion by occupying the seat on the dais.

The ceremony started in the traditional way with Saraswati Vandana with lightning the lamp before goddess Saraswati by the Dignitaries. After the lightning of lamp, an anchor briefed about the College, Department and the Mechanical Engineering Students Body MECHTRIX.  Dignitaries on the dais were welcome by offering Saplings. The forum was inaugurated at the Hands of Mr. Prasad Khedkar Director. He addressed the gathering by expressing importance of the forum for students & emphasized the need of organizing forum activities for young generation. He further advice students to become entrepreneur and give ideal for new start up.

Mr.Amit Pandey ,Student President express deepest sense of gratitude for recognizing him to look after the prestigious responsibility. Prof. Amar Kawale, Head Mechanical Engineering narrated the birth of forum from Roman Times and its importance in present scenario Dr. Narendra Bawne addressed the students to prepare themselves in todays competitive world.

The program was concluded with vote of thanks by Prof. Bhushan Deshmukh, Coordinator Student Activity.

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