Code Of Conduct

Institute shall not discriminate with regard to race, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, political opinion, or disability. They will also endeavour to understand and protect the civil and human rights of all individuals.

Efficient and Effective Service Delivery
Teachers and other staff shall exemplify efficiency and effectiveness in their professional service delivery, maintain and improve standards and develop new initiatives in their teaching and learning. They will..

Report for work regularly, punctually and prepare to teach at all times. Demonstrate good management skills and abilities in the conduct of their professional work.
Display competence in the subject matter and teaching methodology.
Establish good relations and cooperate fully with education stakeholders responsible for the advancement of education and in the interest of the learners.
Take advantage of professional development opportunities and use active and participatory or ‘student friendly’ teaching methods.
Observe confidentiality in a manner consistent with lawful institutional requirements.
Teach according to the approved syllabus.
Empower learners to develop self-esteem and academic excellence.

Commitment and Attitude to the Profession
Teachers and other staff shall demonstrate commitment to work and display a positive attitude to the teaching profession.Demonstrate an understanding in their teaching, of how student learn and develop.
Not engage in activities that adversely affect the quality of their teaching and profession, such as learner or parent exploitation, cultism, abuse, etc.
Teach and practise principles of good citizenship, peace and social responsibility.
Honestly present each student’s performance and examination results.
Not engage in any form of corrupt practices.
Be appropriately attired and presentable.
Be good role models in their demonstration of dedication and honesty.
Shall not engage in any sort of private tuition or coaching.

Maintain a Professional Relationship
Teachers and other staff shall…

Maintain a professional relationship with all learners and colleagues.
Recognizing that all learners are equal, and foster learners’ intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual potentials.
Promote safe and conducive learning environment.
Ensure that learners are treated with dignity and respect and their rights fully protected.
Establish and maintain zero tolerance for all forms of sexual and gender-based violence, exploitation and abuse, physical and humiliating forms of punishment, psychological abuse etc.
Eliminate all forms of discrimination at all times.
Employ positive methods of corrective discipline.
Participate in co-curricular activities for the benefit of the learners.
Encourage learners to develop as active, responsible and efficient individuals.
Promote an atmosphere of trust.
Exercise due care, diligence and confidentiality in all matters affecting the welfare of the learners.
Guide learners to know their responsibilities towards teachers and other education personnel.

Be Rational
Teachers and other education personnel shall acknowledge different family backgrounds of student and ensuring a balanced approach in the development of the student.
Refrain from soliciting and accepting personal gifts or monies from parents.
Support parents to be aware of student with learning difficulties and other disabilities.

Commitment and attitude towards the community
Establish good relations with the community to enhance their active participation for the advancement of the school and the society.
Encourage and work closely with the community to ensure that all student in the community access, stay in and complete school.

Commitment and attitude towards colleagues
Not negatively influence professional decisions of colleagues.
Use official channels to report complaints and not unduly speak publicly about colleagues or the college administration that may cause public resentment or outrage.
When making a report on the professional misconduct of a colleague, do so in good faith, following the reporting channels set out in this Code.
Promote team work and collegiality among colleagues, respecting their professional standing and opinions, and be prepared to offer advice and assistance particularly to those beginning their career or in training.
Maintain confidentiality of information about colleagues obtained in the course of professional service, unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.
Be prepared to offer guidance and counselling services to colleagues and ensure that colleagues are treated with dignity and respect and their rights fully protected.
Maintain high moral standards.

Maintain accountability and transparency
Exercise reasonable care in the use of college property, and for official purposes.
Maintain appropriate and highest standards of honesty and integrity in the management of college resources.
Not engage in unauthorized collection of college funds, extra lessons or illegal charges.
Maintain and keep proper books of account at all times for funds received or expended on behalf of the college.
Maintain accountability and transparency at all levels.

Environment and Work Ethics
Not be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or any harmful drug on school property and during official hours.
Not engage in any unprofessional practices such as examination malpractice, favouritism, selling in classroom, bribery, corruption and soliciting gifts.