Green Campus

JIT Green Initiative Cell was established in the academic year 2016-2017 and functions
on the basis of the guidelines set forth by NAAC and AICTE. Educational institutions now a day are becoming more sensitive to environmental factors and more concepts are being introduced to make them eco-friendly. To preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity within the campus, various view points are applied as far as vegetation composition and total number of each plant species found in the collegepremises.
The green audit conducted by the Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Lonara, off. Koradi Rd
Nagpur, (MS) India is an internal audit that aims towards looking after a healthy environment and to take green initiatives to foster the concept of environmental sustainability.


  1. The aim of Green Initiative is to review the measures taken by various entities to combat pollution in Campus.
  2.  The Land/Premises Management by the Organization considering CO2 and Green
    Houses Gases Emissions.
  3. To cultivation, prevention and reduction of various waste of campus


  1. Students and Employees will gain the highest amount of information and awareness of the wider environment around workplace.
  2. Students and Employees will be aware of the environmental implications of various
  3. Students and Employees will use resources such as water, land, minerals and fossil fuels in an efficient manner, and with maximum utility and minimum wastage—by using conservation, reuse and recycling strategies.
  4. Students and Employees will follow disposal practices for different types of waste also the consumption of water and other raw materials.
  5. Students and Employees will be aware about other sustainable ways of living that have been discovered by scientists, specialists and some lay people.

Strategic Plan

Green audit is defined as an official examination for the effects of a college has on the
ecosystem and biodiversity. As a part of such practice, internal environmental audit (Green Audit) is conducted to evaluate the actual scenario at the campus. The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the practices followed in the campus are in accordance with the green policy adopted by the institution. The methodology included physical inspection of the campus, observation and review of the documentation, interviewing key persons and data analysis and recommendations. It works on the several facets of ‘green campus’ including green cover, plantation, biodiversity, water conservation, waste management, paperless work, alternative energy etc.

Audit Reports

Activities Conducted