Institutional Ethics


To create a transparent and attractive academic environment that encourages pursuit of excellence and free from commercial interests and questionable practices

·         To inculcate in the students and the teachers, a scientific temper and a spirit of enquiry.

·         To develop and nurture a value-based, but thoroughly professional educational system in which the teacher and the student alike are at their innovative best at all times, encouraging each other to keep pace with the ever expanding frontiers of knowledge.

·         To make significant contribution towards the growth of a healthy society through pioneering education and effective industry-institute interactions

·         To be the role model in higher education and the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry.

Quality Policy

“We at Jhulelal Instiutte of Technology, strive to bring out and nurture the talents and skills of youth with technical education, motivate them to be a self-disciplined and develop their competence to face the challenges of globalization.”

Institutional Core Values


Research and teaching shall be carried out in an environment of academic freedom and honesty. Honest, ethical and responsible behaviour will be fundamental to all our dealings and actions. We conduct activities that make us look into our work holistically. We adopt practices that are fair, honest and unprejudiced towards students, staff and stakeholders. The Institute will adhere to the highest standards of ethics in all its activities. We will always endeavour to keep our promises.


Leadership development is an important component of education for all segments of the faculty, students, and staff. Jiteans will become well-educated leaders and global citizens who excel in addressing the challenges of the 21st century; in them, we will cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and joy in lifelong learning. We will serve the state, the nation, and the world through our research, teaching, and outreach.


The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities,  and through internal and external reviews, will work towards continuous improvement. The Institute will recognise exceptional efforts through awards and honours.


The Institute will function according to defined procedures and rules, which will be informed to all stakeholders. The Institute will make public all important information related to its functioning.


JIT, has been a recipient of public funds partially and recognizes that it is accountable to the people of India and to all its immediate stakeholders including students, staff, faculty, alumni and industry

Ethical Decision-Making

Ethical decision-making is essential for growth of the person and the organization.


We strive for the genuine well being of our student by harnessing our abilities to deliver the curriculum and other essential services and respond to inquiries and requests from the stakeholders in appropriate and timely manner.


We provide quality education by utilizing our intellect, social, physical and ethical abilities. We also plan and prepare programs that lead to acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve information for career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership and service to the society. The technical education imparted caters for individual and social responsibility which is the indicator of success.


All stake holders to facilitate quick decision making and to respond to market changes effectively.


We put ourselves in the shoes of our stakeholders in our decision making. An awareness of the conditions of the weaker sections of our society and contributions towards solution of their problems will form an integral part of the research and education programmes of the Institute.


This includes Honesty and Integrity which is essential to Sustain(Sustainability) the excellence in performance and faith of stakeholders.

Focus on Students

Our primary mission is not only to educate students in their chosen disciplines, but also to inspire them to become innovators, leaders, and positive contributors to society. 

Strengthen Faculty and Staff

The faculty inspire and direct all we do academically, from basic education to discovery and the creation of new concepts, systems, and products. The staff deliver our administrative services and partner with the faculty to ensure an excellent student experience.

Commit to Diversity

If we are to both remain relevant and attract the highest calibre of students, faculty, and staff, we must ensure that our community is inclusive and open to all viewpoints.

Engage Alumni         

Our greatest legacy is our alumni and their many contributions to business and society. We will celebrate their many achievements as a foundation of the JIT story. We will engage our alumni in planning for the future of JIT and rely upon our alumni for their involvement and philanthropic support in the execution of this plan.