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The Library & Information Centre of College began functioning right from the establishment of the college i.e. 2008. It aims at developing a comprehensive collection of documents that is useful for the faculty and students in their education and research activities in the institute. It serves to all the members of College i.e. Teaching, Non-Teaching staff as well as students. The central Library has E-Library section, Stack Room, Periodicals section, Reference section and Reading Hall (Separate for students & staff). All the users have open access in all sections of Library. Library functions such as Acquisition, Circulation, Cataloging, Serials control and OPAC have been automated using integrated software ERP designed & developed by JASS SERVICES, NAGPUR. (Version – JASS 11.0.1). Barcode based circulation of books is practiced. The Library makes efforts to increase this collection. The Books are classified according to UDC classification scheme.

Library has lifetime institutional membership of National Digital Library of India (NDLI) & annual membership of DELNET. Information from National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) and other Electronic Resources are also available for the user community. On-line e-journals can be accessed.


B.Sc, M. Lib & I. Sc, MBA (Pursuing)

Mr. Sumeet S. Chandegave is presently working as a Librarian at JIT, Nagpur since its inception i.e. from 2008. He has more than 12 years of professional experience as a Librarian.

Library Committee

Library Committee had been constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library and coordination with all Heads of the Department, faculty members, students and the management. The library committee has below mentioned members:

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. N. G. Bawane (Principal) Chairman
2 Dr. Debashish Bhowmick (Vice-Principal) Member
3 Prof. Rohan Ingle (HOD, EE) Member
4 Prof. Mona Mulchandani (HOD, CSE) Member
5 Dr. Swati Rahate (HOD, MBA) Member
6 Prof. Prakash Dhopte (HOD, ME) Member
7 Prof. Mahadev Mahajan (HOD, ETC) Member
8 Prof. Swapnil Rahangdale

(Library Faculty In-charge)

9 Mr. Sumeet S. Chandegave (Librarian) Member Secretary

Principal & Chairman      Library Faculty In-charge          Librarian & Member Secretary    Library Committee,            Library Committee,                       Library Committee

Library Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact No. Email ID
1 MR. SUMEET S. CHANDEGAVE Librarian 9970601590
2 MR. JITENDRA T. TEMBHEKAR Asst. Librarian 9021113490
3 MRS. PRATIBHA N. BURBURE Asst. Librarian 9326652202
4 MRS. NISHA P. KORDE Library Clerk 7020502979
5 MR. CHAKRADHAR KAKDE Attendant 9370600146

JIT, Nagpur.


In General, the College Library has the following objectives:
a) To promote the records of human knowledge and to keep them updated in accordance with the growing needs and requirements of the users of today and tomorrow.

b) To provide individual and group guidance to the readers in the use of library resources with demonstration and how to procure information.

c) To furnish the students with background material on the work to be done in the class and laboratory thus supplements the instructional programme of the college.

d) To encourage the students to develop for self-education and to introduce them to various types of documents and other media with many sharpen their memory and intellect and many contribute to their personality development.

e) To assist the teaching staff in organizing the syllabus and methods of teaching.

f) To keep the teaching staff, the latest developments in the fields of their interests and emergence of new subjects reflected the field of their interests, study and research.

SWAPNIL RAHANGDALE,                                            SUMEET S. CHANDEGAVE,
Library Faculty In-charge,                                                            Librarian,
           JIT, Nagpur.                                                                       JIT, Nagpur.


LIBRARY TIMINGS                                 :                   09.00 AM. TO 06.00 PM.
SOFTWARE USED                                 :                   ERP developed by JASS Services,                                                                                        Nagpur. (Version – JASS 11.0.1)
1. 16 Multimedia Computers.
2. 02 separate Computer for OPAC to Students & staff.
3. All computers are connected in LAN.
4. Institute is having the collection of 6870 e-Books.
5. Institute is having the institutional membership of DELNET.
6. Institute is having the institutional annual membership of Springer Nature e-Journals package.
7. Institute is having Knimbus e-Library (Portal & Mobile App.)
8. Institute is having the institutional membership of National Digital Library (NDL).
9. Institute is having the collection of 1391 downloaded NPTEL Video Lectures & also an online access to NPTEL video lectures.
10. Reprographic facility is available at the nominal cost.
11. Reading room facility for 150 students.
12. Newspaper clippings service is available.
13. Reference service is available.
14. Inter Library Loan service through DELNET is provided.
15. Current Awareness service is provided.
16. Book-bank facility is available for economically weak students i.e. for SC & ST students free of cost.
17. Book-bank facility is available for the other students at the nominal cost.


Librarian, JIT, Nagpur

Library Rules (Book-bank)

1. Institute is providing two types of Book Bank facility for the students.
2. For SC & ST students institute provides the free book bank facility.
3. Books received from Social welfare department are issued under this category.
4. SC/ST students of college can avail Book Bank by giving application along with
Caste certificate, by paying refundable membership fee of Rs. 100 for UG students Rs. 200 for PG students for the full duration of course.
5. Members of the book bank will be issued 4 textbooks for each semester. Book
shall be returned within eight days after the theory examination, otherwise a fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged.
6. For students other than SC & ST also the Book bank facility is provided.
7. For availing the facility students have to deposit the amount of Rs. 2500 in the
account section & by submitting the receipt of the same to Library the Book bank can be availed.
8. Book bank books can be kept with the students for the current academic year
for which they have availed the facility.
9. In total 9 Books are issued under the Book Bank for BE 1st Year & as per the
requirement of students for the higher classes.
10. After returning the Book bank books to Library 30% of the paid amount was
deducted & remaining amount is returned to the students.



JIT, Nagpur.

E-Learning Resources

e- Learning Resources: –


  1. Developing Library Network (DELNET) :

JIT is also having the institutional membership of DELNET & it can be accessed through the following link.

  1. Springer Nature e-Journals Package :

JIT has subscribed for the annual membership of Springer Nature e-Journals package & it can be accessed through the following link.

  1. KNIMBUS e-Library :

College has subscribed for the Knimbus e-Library (Portal & Mobile App) & it can be accessed through the following link.

  • Access through Portal @



  1. National Digital Library of India (NDLI) :

JIT is having lifetime institutional membership of National Digital Library. Students & staff of JIT can become the member of NDL by submitting their required details to Librarian & access the large number of free resources available upon NDL. It can be accessed through the following link.

  1. e-Shodhsindhu :

JIT has registered institutional account on e-Shodhsindhu, an online resource requisition system platform.

  1. NPTEL Video Lectures :


  1. Downloaded e-Books (as per RTMNU Syllabus) Google Drive Links :

  1. RTMNU Syllabus & Old Question Papers :

Contact Librarian for the issue of login credentials to access KNIMBUS e-Library, DELNET, NDLI & Springer Nature e-Journals.