Research Center

Approval of Research Center in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering:
Jhulelal Institute of Technology ensures the growth and development of the Institute through an efficient strategic planning system. Strategic planning is deployed in order to efficiently utilize the resources and implement the plans in a procedural and disciplined manner.

In today’s globalised education system, research plays an important role in defining the development and sustainability of an Institute. The quest for knowledge leads to research and it is this knowledge- driven development of an Institute  hat leads to Innovation.Julelal Institute of Technology has always envisioned of becoming a center of excellence through knowledge and research. Keeping in mind this vision of the Institute, the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication worked towards having a Research Center for the branch.

The University accepted the application placed by the Institute and a visit of the committee for Centre of Higher Learning and Research was scheduled on 29th January 2020. The dedicated efforts proved to be fruitful as the approval for Centre of Higher Learning and Research in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was recommended by the visiting committee.



Name of Department

Electronics & Telecommunication

Intake (up to)


 Contact Person

Mr. Anil Bavaskar




Ph.D Supervisors

Dr. Narendra Bawane

Dr. Shubhangi Khodaskar