Research & Development Cell

Improvement in high quality research is necessary requirement for growth of individual and any organization. The objective of Research & development (R&D) initiatives undertaken by JIT is to build research careers, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation. All education, research and innovation of this Institute should aim to be of a good quality. The goal of creating technological and social innovations has emerged alongside R&D-based activities.

Objectives of R&D

  • To develop research skills among the students and faculty.
  • To coordinate between various departments, faculty members and research students of the  institute.
  • To identify the funding agencies and communicate the same to various departments to apply for it.
  • To promote and to encourage the budding technocrats and faculty members to do innovative research for society and to participate in seminars/workshops/FDP/STTP.
  • To conduct research work in collaboration/linkages with other industries.
  • To support the students and faculty members in terms of finance/ possible requirements with proper approval of higher authorities to serve their research or to file patent/copyright.
  • To encourage students to opt for sponsored projects.
  • To ensure the smooth functioning of R&D activities, implementation, follow-up, progress and monitoring of on-going activities in the institute.

Constitution of R&D Cell

 The R&D Cell comprise of the following members:

  1. Principal – Chairman
  2. R&D Cell Incharge -would be the Member Secretary of the Cell.
  • Member from each department

Constitution of R&D Cell(2020-21)

The constitution of  R&D Cell for the session 2020-21is as follows:

Sr.No. Name Position Designation
1. Dr.Narendra Bawane Chairman Principal
2. Ms.Mona Mulchandani Member HOD,CSE
3. Dr. Shubhangi Giripunje Member Professor, ETC Department
4. Mr.Rohan Ingle Member HOD, EE Department
5. Mr.Prakash Dhopate Member HOD, MECH  Department
6. Dr.Indrani Das Sarma Member Associate Professor, FY Department
7. Dr.Mahesh Chopade, Member Assistant Professor, MBA Department
8. Dr.Pradnya Borkar Member Secretary Associate Professor,    CSE Department

The responsibility of R&D committee is to motivate the faculty of the Institute in achieving the objectives of R&D.

PhD Programme

Subject Department Intake(upto) Supervisors Contact Person
Electronics & Telecommunication
Electronics & Telecommunication
           10 1.Dr. N.G.Bawane

2.Dr. Shubhangi Khodaskar

Mr. Anil Bavaskar

R&D Policy


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