Rotaract Activity Cell

Rotaract Clubs of JIT is techno socio professional club. RAC JIT organizes a variety of projects and activities, depending primarily on the interests of the club members, in the social & technical field. The aim of the RAC JIT is to undertake major types of activities in varying degrees to promote professional development, leadership, and service These activities also highlight the Rotaractor’s role in the community’s economic development and illustrate how skills developed through service activities can help in resolving problems in the workplace.

Professional Society Activity

Jhulelal Institute of Technology focuses on Professional growth of students from the day they take admission at JIT. College has IEEE student branch & ISTE membership under which various activities are conducted such that students also get opportunity to interact with people who are masters in their domain. Members usually have access to professional development resources to enhance skills and knowledge and to stay up to date on changes within their field. These include conferences and workshops, online classes, white papers, newsletters, and other educational resources.