Students’ Representative Council

Students’ Representative Council is a representative structure through which students in a Institute can become involved in the affairs of the Institute, working in partnership with Institute Management and Staff and Parents for the benefit of the Institute and its students.
The function of the Students’ Representative Council is based upon parliamentary procedures. Ideas are presented, voted upon and confirmed by the student body president.
Any student that is interested in leadership, organizational behaviour, event planning or becoming more involved in the Institute are welcome to become involved.
The Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur has the most active, vibrant and multi facet Student Representative Council named as, “Jhulelal Institute of Technology Students’ Representative Council” (JIT SRC). The purpose of the Students’ Representative Council is to provide programs, activities and services, which serve the curricular, co-curricular, cultural, social, recreational and educational interest of students at the University and Colleges.
JIT SRC has always seeks to contribute to the development of students’ leadership skills, experience, program planning and development, volunteering, and fiscal management. The JIT SRC mission is to encourage and promote the values that represent good character in allstudents and build responsible leaders within student’s community.

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