Student’s Representation Council (SRC)


Session: 2022-23

Sr. No.
Name of the Event
Name of the Incharge
Tentative Date of Conduction
Responsible Cell/ Department/ Committee
1 Vrikshavali Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 13/7/2022 SRC
2 Fiest-O-fiesta Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 15/7/2022 SRC
3 National Sports Day Mr. Biswajit Saha 29/08/2022 SRC
4 Installation (SRC + NSS) Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 2/9/2022 SRC + NSS
5 Ganeshoustav Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 31/8/2022 to 9/9/2022 TEAM SSDC
6 Hindi Diwas Ms. Suziya Khan 14/09/2022 SRC(Communal)
7 Engineers’ Day Ms. Kalpana Bhure 15/09/2022 SRC(Technical)
8 SAKSHAM Ms. Suziya Khan 23rd to 25th /09/2022 SRC
9 Raas Garba 2.0 (Navratri Festival 2022) Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh 30/09/2022 SRC + NSS
11 Gandhi Jayanthi (Swachh Bharat Diwas) Mr. Biswajit Saha 2/10/2022 SRC + NSS
12 World Mental Health Day (Mann Se Baat) Ms. Suziya Khan 10/10/2022 SRC(Communal)
13 World Students Day Mr. Biswajit Saha 15/10/2022 SRC
14 Children’s DayWeek Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 14/11/2022 TEAM SSDC
15 Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Ms. Suziya Khan 7/12/22 SRC+NSS
16 Students Parliament Mr. Gaurav Sambhe December Second Week SRC+NSS
17 Christmas Day  Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh 24/12/2022 TEAM SSDC
18 Jallosh Mr. Rahul Joge December Last Week TEAM SSDC
19 National Youth Day Mr. Rahul Joge 12/1/2023 SRC
20 Marathi Bhasha Sanvardhan Pandharwada Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh 1/01/2023-14/01/2023 SRC
21 Saraswati Pooja/ Vasant Panchami Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 26/01/2023 TEAM SSDC
23 SAMARTHYA (Intercollegiate) Mr. Bhushan Deshmukh 27th to 29th Jan, 2022 TEAM SSDC
24 Shikhar (Hackathon) Ms. Kalpana Bhure February (Department) + SRC
25 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti Mr. Rahul Joge 19/02/2023 SRC
26 Farewell  (Department) Last week of March (Department) + SRC
27 Jhulelal Jayanti First Year Staff 2/4/2023 SRC
28 Ambedkar Jayanti Mr. Gaurav Sambhe 14/04/2023 SRC
Students Representative Council/ National Service Scheme Team
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Post Appointed Appointments in Other Commitees
1 Pratik Singh President 1. CDC 2. IQAC 3. JIT ELC 4. JIT RTMNU VVY
2 Aditya Rakesh Hirekhan Vice President Training & Placement Committee
3 Sanjana Shahu General Secretary CDC
4 Kashish Gidwani Treasurer Class Review Committee
5 Manish Narwade Discipline Head Anti-Raging Committee
6 Harshal Rahangdale Academic Head IQAC
7 Rushali Waghmare Joint Secretary
8 Harshik Raju Titirmare Event Manager
9 Piyush Mhaiskar Cultural Secretary SC/ST Cell
10 Drishti Chandwani Grievance & Redressal Head Grievance Redressal Committee
11 Muskan Dudani Women Empowerment Head Women Empowerment Cell
12 Atharva Waaghade Sports Secretary
13 Aastha Patil Editor
14 Pratik Jatale Social Media Head
15 Diya Kishor Jhurani Joint Cultural Secretary
16 Anjali M. Ranglani Branding & Promotion Head
17 Ayush Jagdhane Technical and Systems Coordinator
18 Moinuddin Kazi Co Discipline Head
19 Ziyaan Ali Overall Club Coordinator
20 Sarthak Kishor chandekar NSS Club Head (Secretary NSS)
21 Dhruv Thakur Technical Club Coordinator
22 Rohit Thakre NCC Club Coordinator
23 Sharad Dwivedi Dance Club Coordinator
24 Sanidhya Bokade Happy Hours Club Coordinator
25 Vinit Ramesh Pathak Photography Club Coordinator
26 Kalyani Kumeriya Music Club Coordinator
27 Adiyaan Rehman Sports Club Coordinator
28 Ishika Somkuwar Resource Manager
29 Rina Shahu Creative Head
30 Gaurav Anwani Executive Member
31 Kamlesh Chandani Executive Member
32 Sanskruti Anil Kokde Executive Member
33 Shital Kanojiya Executive Member
34 Nikhil Sangole Executive Member
35 Tejaswini Bhonde Executive Member
JIT SRC Advisory Senior Members 2022-23
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Post Appointed Branch
1 Saee Paturkar Advisory Member CSE
2 Khilesh Tembhurnikar Advisory Member CSE
3 Shubham Jeswani Advisory Member CSE
4 Divyansh Jeswani Advisory Member CSE
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Post Appointed Branch
1 Sahil Nankani Technical Club Member CSE
2 Mitanshu Kitukale Technical Club Member AI
3 Harshal Diwate Technical Club Member AI
4 Mehar Dhale NCC Club Member ME
5 Mangesh Dhoble NCC Club Member EE
6 Mahima Nenwani Dance Club Member CSE
7 Sakshi Biswas Dance Club Member ETC
8 Arya Paul Music Club Member AI
9 Mitali Aglawe Music Club Member ETC
10 Palak Anandani Happy Hours Club Member CSE
11 Aaditya Ranglani Happy Hours Club Member CSE
12 Faizan Sheikh Photography Club Member ME
13 Sohan Shastrakar Photography Club Member CSE
TEAM NSS 2022-23
Sr. No. Name of the Candidate Post Appointed Branch
1 Sarthak Kishor chandekar Secretary NSS ETC
2 Taniya Kurmatkar Joint Secretary CSE
3 Shreya Gajbhiye Treasurer CSE
4 Pranay Vinod Shrivastav Campaign Head EE
5 Sahil Kamble Discipline Head ETC
6 Niraj Tembhurne Event Head CSE
7 Aniket Singh Technical Head EE
8 Prachi Bangre Editor CSE
9 Nayan Dhawle Executive Member ETC
10 Divya Sakharkar Executive Member ETC
11 Taniya Keswani Executive Member CSE
12 Muskan Kale Executive Member ETC
13 Sanket Puttewar Executive Member ETC
14 Abhishek Dhoke Executive Member ME
15 Milan Kumar Executive Member CSE
16 Prerna Pimplikar Executive Member CSE
SRC Constitution

Welfare Policy

Jhulelal Institute of Technology promotes and co-ordinates the different students’ activities for better corporate life. We help students' to grow mentally, physically also we provide them the platform  for cultural growth with various activities which helps them to improve their overall personality.

Students Development Cell undertakes the following prominent activities:
  • Blending of Theoretical Knowledge with Practical Skills
  • Soft Skills Program
  • Communication Skills, GK,Eq,IQ,SQ and AQ
  • Students’ Insurance Scheme
  • Student upgradation through research and Publications.
  • Guidance for Higher Education
  • Concession in Fees.
  • Inculcate Rights, Values, Ethics and Leadership qualities
Blending of Theoretical Knowledge with Practical Skills
This Program includes internships, project based learning, live projects, innovative projects, Industrial Visits and Industry Trainings.

Soft Skills Programme
This Program named “ Saksham” includes training in Spoken English, ways and means to appear for an interview and total personality development basically good and effective communication skills. Putting one's best foot forward. 

Communication Skills, GK, EQ, IQ, SQ and AQ
Value added Courses for English improvement are conducted, and accessed after 30 hours course completion, Students are accessed on GK, EQ, IQ, SQ and AQ through tests and according to their score training is provided.

Students’ Safety Insurance Scheme
Jhulelal Institute of Technology is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment: one which enhances the experience for students and allows staff in academic and service areas to work actively and creatively without risk of injury or illness.

Student upgradation through research and Publications
It is mandatory for final year students to present a paper in reputed journals and conferences. Students are also motivated tpo write the patents and copyrights.Financial assistance is provided by the college to such students.

Guidance for Higher Education
Training and placement department conducts various seminars, workshops and camps to enable the student which helps them to opt for higher education.

Concession in Fees
Fee consession and Bus facility  is provided to needy students by College.

Inculcate Rights, Values, Ethics and Leadership qualities
Annually the activities such as Independence Day, Republic Day, National Unity Day, Voters Day etc under various forums are conducted and organized by students to inculcate rights, leadership qualities, ethics and values.

Students’ Representative Council is a representative structure through which students in a Institute can become involved in the affairs of the Institute, working in partnership with Institute Management and Staff and Parents for the benefit of the Institute and its students.
The function of the Students’ Representative Council is based upon parliamentary procedures. Ideas are presented, voted upon and confirmed by the student body president.
Any student that is interested in leadership, organizational behaviour, event planning or becoming more involved in the Institute are welcome to become involved.
The Jhulelal Institute of Technology, Nagpur has the most active, vibrant and multi facet Student Representative Council named as, “Jhulelal Institute of Technology Students’ Representative Council” (JIT SRC). The purpose of the Students’ Representative Council is to provide programs, activities and services, which serve the curricular, co-curricular, cultural, social, recreational and educational interest of students at the University and Colleges.
JIT SRC has always seeks to contribute to the development of students’ leadership skills, experience, program planning and development, volunteering, and fiscal management. The JIT SRC mission is to encourage and promote the values that represent good character in allstudents and build responsible leaders within student’s community.