Transport Facility

Bus Facility

JIT has a fleet of 10 luxurious buses for transport of students for their respective places. The transport facility is available to students, faculty and staff residing in/round the radius of 70 KM of the college campus. The College buses covers all the important points in Nagpur, Kamptee, Saoner  to make the staff and students to reach the campus.

All buses runs as per the rules & regulations provided as per RTO such as Fitness, Permit, Insurance, PUC & Tax certificates. Buses are equipped with Speed Governors and GPRS system First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Door etc. which comes under RTO norms. In addition to this several MSRTC buses also runs on the route leading to the college.

Bus routs

                              Route No. 1

SR No  Time STOP
1 7.20AM Sai Mandir Sq.
2 7.23AM Shree Nagar
3 7.27AM Shtabdhi Sq.
4 7.30AM Omkar Nagar
5 7.33AM Manewada
6 7.35AM Udaynagar Sq.
7 7.37AM Mhalgi Nagar Sq.
8 7.40AM Dighori Sq.
9 7.50AM Wathoda Sq.
10 7.55AM Hiwari Nagar
11 8.00AM Chhapru Nagar Sq.
12 8.10AM Dahibazar Puliya
13 8.15AM Ranidurgavati Sq.
14 8.30AM Mankapur Sq.
15 8.45AM JIT
       Driver Mobile No 7262046606

                    Route No. 2

SR No Time         STOP
1 7.25AM Ajani Mens S
2 7.30AM Wanjani Nagar
3 7.33AM Tukdoji Sq.
4 7.33AM Krida Sq
5 7.35AM Reshimbagh Sq.
6 7.40AM Bhande Plot
7 7.50AM H D Hospital
8 7.52AM Ashok Sq
9 7.55AM Ram Cooler Sq.
10 8.00AM Chitnawis Park
11 8.02AM Agrasen Sq
12 8.05AM Golibar Sq.
13 8.10AM Kamal sq.
14 8.15AM Vaishali Nagar
15 8.45AM JIT
                                                Driver Mobile No. 7038893699

                Route No. 3

1 7.25AM 8 Rasta Sq
2 7.30AM khamla sq.
3 7.33AM Prtap Nagar Sq.
4 7.37AM Mate Sq.
5 7.40AM VNIT Sq
6 7.42AM L.A.D Sq.
7 7.45AM Shankar Nagar Sq
8 7.50AM Dharampeth
9 7.55AM Law College Sq.
10 8.10AM R.B.I Sq.
11 8.15AM Sadar
12 8.20AM Chhawni Sq.
13 8.22AM Nelsan Sq.
14 8.25AM Mankapur Sq.
15 8.45AM JIT
                                              Driver Mobile No. 8698082434

                           Route No. 4

1 7.50AM old katol naka Sq
2 8.00AM Gittikhadan Sq
3 8.05AM Dinsha Factory Sq
4 8.10AM Jafar Nagar Sq
5 8.15AM Chopde Lawn
6 8.20AM Zingabai Takli
7 8.25AM Godhani Bus stop
8 8.26AM Maha Comp Godhni
9 8.30AM Godhani Petrol P
10 8.45AM JIT
                                                     Driver Mobile No. 7720997414