Women Empowerment Cell

The Women Empowerment Cell aims to create awareness among women so as to empower them. It aims to create a social, legal, physiological, financial and economic awareness amongst all the female staff and students and develops self confidence in them.

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  • To educate the women about health, career opportunities and the ways to overcome the patriarchal mindset of the society
  • To provide a multidisciplinary approach for the development of women
  • To organize workshops, seminars on various topics which impart knowledge or create awareness amongst the women so that they are able to empower themselves and also others around them.
  • To provide a gender neutral environment with equal opportunities for the growth and development of Women

Composition of the Cell (2020-21)

Sr. No.



1 Mrs. Madhavi Wairagade, Director, HR & Admin, JIT Chairperson
2 Dr. Narendra Bawane, Principal, JIT Member Secretary
3 Prof. Samta Talatule, Assistant Professor, ETC Coordinator
4 Prof. Bharti Kungwani,  Assistant Professor, CSE Member
5 Prof. Shraddha Joshi, Assistant Professor,  First Year Member
6 Prof. Shubhangi Gore, Assistant Professor, MBA Member
7 Prof. Surbhi Shrivastava, Assistant Professor, EE Member

Annual Gender Sensitization Programme

Gender Equity programs
Sr. No. Name of the event Date
1 Seminar on Personal Hygiene 20.07.2019
2 Workshop on Awareness on Sexual Harassment at Workplace 10.08.2019
3 Seminar on Women Entrepreneurship 14.09.2019
4 Poster-making Competition on the theme “Save the Girl Child” 12.10.2019
5 Health Check-up Camp (An outreach activity for village people) 11.01.2020
6 Seminar on Cancer Awareness for Women 8.02.2020
7 Workshop on Self-Defense Techniques for Women 22.02.2020
8 International Women’s Day Celebration 7.03.2020
9 Awareness about the Women Grievance Cell 28.08.2020
10 Be kind to your mind (Women and mental health) 25.09.2020
11 Webinar on Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs 30.10.2020
12 Poster Presentation on Wonder Women of the World 20.11.2020
Sr. No. Name of the event Date
1 Seminar on “Women Entrepre neurship” 5.03.2019
2 Observation of International Women’s day through various competitions 8.03.2019
3 Workshop on Self defence for girl students 16.07.2018
4 Rally on Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao 25.07.2018
5 Workshop on Women harassment at workplace 20.08.2018
6 Falcone-9 A Revolution in commercial space travel- Inspired From Ms.Kalpana Chawala 25.08.2018
7 Seminar on “Women Empowerment” 27.08.2018
8 One Day Workshop on awareness about Women Safety 4.09.2018
9 Workshop on Importance & Contribution of Women in Society 25.09.2018
10 Demo session of Zumba for Health Awareness 15.12.2018
11 Skit on female foeticide 7.01.2019
12 Womens Health Awareness Program 21.01.2019
13 Seminar on “Anti Rape Law” 6.02.2019
14 Show casing “Female Foeticide” 15.02.2019
15 Play on child marriage and evils of dowry 18.02.2019
16 Merchant Navy as a Career 18.02.2019
17 Workshop on Automotive Industry and its applications 26.08.2019
Sr. No. Name of the event Date
1 Awareness program on Domestic Violence 18.08.2017
2 Women Training & Empowerment 29.12.2017
3 International Women’s Day Celebration 8.03.2018
Sr. No. Name of the event Date
1 Program on Sexual Harassment 4.02.2017
Sr. No. Name of the event Date
1 Awareness on Women Empowerment 2.11.2015 to 6.11.2015
2 Self Defence 4.04.2016

Facilities for Women


Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) are installed throughout the campus in order to check upon any activity of misconduct. This ensures safety and security in the campus

Girls Common Room-

A common room for rest and recreation among girl students is made available in the campus. This helps the girl students to relax and have healthy discussions with one another.

Sanitary napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator-

To promote menstrual health of women and adolescent girls, a sanitary napkin vending machine is installed in the girls’ washroom. The machine can be used by the girls as and when required.  A Sanitary napkin Incinerator is also provided for the proper disposal of the napkins.

Complaint/ Suggestion box-

It is very important to directly hear about the concerns of the people and then initiate appropriate action with regard to the same. A suggestion/ complaint box provided in the campus aids this purpose and helps the Institute to avoid any further grievances of similar nature.


Counseling sessions are provided for the students in order to empower them. Any stress, struggle or disturbance related to academics, personal or any other, is provided guidance to. Effective counseling aims to make the students confident enough so that they can face any challenges and rise above them.